Burke, Inc. Adds Seed Strategy, Combining Strategic Innovation with Research-Based Decision Support

Cincinnati, Ohio: Burke, Inc. is proud to announce the acquisition of Seed Strategy, creating a world-class consultancy with the ability to drive business growth through innovation, evaluation and implementation.

Today's business opportunities won't wait for a series of learn-and-execute cycles. Accelerated growth requires the ability to manifest and measure ideas seamlessly, in real time. That's why Burke, Inc. and Seed Strategy are joining forces. The combined organization will meet clients' needs with Burke's prowess in research-based decision support and Seed's expertise in new product innovation and strategic brand development.

“At Burke, it was clear that many of our clients were looking for a way to not only find actionable answers to challenging questions, but to also create new ideas to help their businesses grow,” said Jeff Miller, Burke's President and CEO. “We wanted to meet their needs while continuing to deliver the industry-leading decision support we've always provided. Seed Strategy was the perfect solution.”

“We could all tell there was some magic happening when we had the opportunity to work together prior to acquisition discussions," said Susan Jones, Seed's CEO and Founder. "Our capabilities complement each other without overlap, yet the similarities between the two companies are uncanny, from our cultures to our clients. Alberta Burke, the inspiring woman who founded Burke in 1931, was a true innovator who wanted to make a difference in the way companies understand people's needs. That spirit continues today.”

Although both companies are located in the greater Cincinnati area, there are no plans to consolidate headquarters. "We want Seed to be Seed," said Miller.“Their unique flow-to-the-work approach, creative collaboration and command of intuitive storytelling have contributed to the company's success as a growth acceleration firm. Combined with Burke's rigorous approach to marketing research, the value we can provide to our clients is limitless.”

About Burke, Inc.

Founded in 1931, Burke is an independent, full-service marketing research and decision support company. Burke capitalizes on its state-of-the-art research execution, advanced analytical techniques and leading-edge technology to provide decision support solutions to companies across all major industry sectors. A 100% employee-owned company, Burke is also the industry leader in marketing research and consumer insights education through The Burke Institute, which has trained more than 85,000 participants from 10,000 companies, through more than 4,000 public and in-house customized marketing research seminars in 40 different countries. Burke is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, with regional offices throughout the United States.

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About Seed Strategy

Seed Strategy is the growth acceleration firm, seamlessly partnering with change agents at Fortune 500 companies to create unstoppable ideas. Founded by Susan Jones in 2002, the firm helps generate top-line revenue growth through new product innovation and strategic brand development. Designed to endure, 80% of the products Seed has helped develop for market over the last 15 years continue to flourish in stores today. Seed's high-performing team is headquartered in Crestview Hills, Kentucky, and conducts business on six continents.

Learn more at seedstrategy.com